Natalie Galarnyk: A Force to be Reckoned With

Natalie Galarnyk has already lived a very interesting life for just being 20 years old.

Galarnyk was born in Winnipeg, but has moved a total of five times during her childhood, due to her father’s job in the oil and gas industry.

When she was nine years old, Natalie moved from New Brunswick to Calgary, where she has now has lived for eleven years.

One of Natalie’s passions in life is travel. As soon as she graduated in 2014,

Natalie Galarnyk poses for a photo at Memorial Park.

Natalie flew to Barcelona to become a live in nanny for a family of five. Her main responsibilities were caring for the families three kids, a five-year old, seven-year old, and nine-year old.

It wasn’t all work for Natalie during her six-month stay. She got to travel to other European countries like Germany, Greece, England, France, Turkey, and even got to travel by boat to Morocco in North Africa. Natalie enjoyed the fact that she got to travel while being paid to do her job.

Although her life of travel and adventures seemed like a dream, Natalie also had to endure a very heartbreaking and difficult time in her life.

On September 19th, 2015, Natalie’s 21-year-old sister Katrina passed away from brain cancer. Katrina was only 19 when she was diagnosed.

Doctors told Natalie’s family that her sister only had six months to live, but instead lived another two years.

Before she passed, Katrina got to meet up with Natalie while she was in Greece. They cruised around all the islands before Katrina returned home.

Once she returned home, Katrina became sicker. Eventually, she decided to stop treatment, and passed away shortly after.

Natalie has the utmost admiration for her sister.

When speaking of her sister, Natalie remembers her as a driven individual who was determined to live an awesome life even with her circumstances.

“She was a huge inspiration to many people, everyone loved her.” Natalie said while speaking of her sister.

This year, Natalie walked across the stage at Mount Royal University’s graduation ceremony to receive her sister’s degree in Education in her honour.

Natalie’s friends and family have got her through the toughest times.

When asked who makes her laugh the most, Natalie mentioned her friend Keyanna, who she has been friends with for eleven years.

Keyanna has been like a rock to Natalie, along with the rest of her friends and family.

She can’t imagine her life without her Mom and Dad, and also her sister, “but that’s something I had to deal with” she said.

As of right now, Natalie is unsure of what she wants to do with her life after she graduates from the Journalism Program at SAIT.

She finds writing to be very therapeutic, and has her own blog.

When asked about philosophies that really matter to her, Natalie answered by saying “Never take life for granted, you can make your life a good life if you’re willing to.”

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